Server Boost

Server Boost

Give your server a Boost and make it appear in the Featured section. This is what you'll get:

Why boost?

📈 Almost 300.000 viewers a month will see your server

🔝 Your server will always appear on top of the others

✅ They're not just viewers, but interested users in joining your server

Difference between Low, Standard, and High visibility

Your server will be shown on different parts of the website based on the visibility:

  • Low: Home page only
  • Standard: Home page AND Search results page
  • High: Home page AND Search results page AND Server details page.

What does it mean in terms of results?

If you get the "High Visibility" tier, you can expect to get more than 90% increased performance, compared to the "Low visibility" one. The reasons are two:

- The most visited pages are the search results and the "Server details" page (which represent 78% of the total pageviews)

- The user navigating the "Server detail" pages is already looking for a server to join

Before purchasing

👆 Add the server to Game-State before purchasing this service, otherwise it won't be listed in the highlighted section - Add a server ->

🚫 If you don’t want to renew your subscription, cancel at least 24 hours before the next billing date to avoid getting charged again.

✉️ If you encounter any issues contact


Please provide the IP and PORT of the server you want to highlight in the payment form.

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€17 a month

Server Boost